I started the 6-week Army-fit programme with the sole purpose to lose weight but what I hadn’t anticipated was that I would also end up feeling healthier, fitter and stronger.  My primary goal of weight loss became much less important as through Chris and Jonny’s guidance I quickly realised it was more important to make sustainable diet and wellbeing changes which would result in longer lasting health benefits.  I attended at least 2 army-fit sessions per week which were brilliant!  Whether it was Jason, Jonny or Chris leading the group by the end of each session I felt I’d worked hard but most importantly had fun!  As well as the exercise support Jonny and Chris also gave me a bespoke nutritional programme tailored to my (awkward) vegetarian needs. I was incredibly supported throughout the whole of the 6-week programme.  My results were an 8lb loss, 6cm loss from my hips and a whopping 11cm from my waist and a huge overall improvement to my fitness.  While these results in themselves were fantastic the real reward was learning new life skills which I can now continue with as new habits for life! Thank you all at Army-Fit! 
Jo Y

Army Fit sessions are great fun and varied.  The team spirit when working in a group really helps me to put my all in to each session whilst ensuring I have fun at the same time.  I think it’s really important to have variation when training and each session I attend I know is going to be different so it keeps me guessing. 
Dawn H

I joined Army Fit in January after not exercising in 3 years.  Straight away, I felt welcomed and energised by the instructors and fellow recruits.  My target in January was to lose a stone in weight and increase my fitness. Overall, with the help and encouragement of Army Fit, I lost 16lbs in total after attending 2 sessions a week. 
Jonny M

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